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CFP Management Interface | Cypress Semiconductor


Internet traffic is constantly increasing.The global internet traffic is expected to quadruple between 2010 and 2015 and is projected to approach 1 zettabyte (1x 1021 bytes) per year by 2015 - that's equivalent to all the digital data in existence in 2010.Increase in streaming video and cloud computing is one of the main reasons for increase in traffic.To keep up with ever-increasing traffic, the internet requires an upgrade.

CFP (C Form-factor Pluggable) Optical modules deliver 100-gbps data rates to meet the demand of increasing traffic.Long-haul network equipment is being redesigned to support CFP modules, Metropolitan network equipment is being redesigned to support CFP2 modules, and Data Center network equipment will be redesigned to support CFP4 modules.

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** Blocks with a red border are CFP Management Interface Components

Every CFP Optical Module requires a Management Interface as specified by the CFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA).

Design Considerations

Design Challenges

1.The CFP Management Interface requires multiple ICs

  • An FPGA for the CFP MDIO Interface to guarantee timing requirements
  • An EEPROM for NVM to enable NVRs
  • A microcontroller running DDM firmware

2.Fitting products into shrinking enclosures is challenging

  • The enclosure area will shrink by more than 50% with every new generation
  • Multiple ICs will not fit

3.The CFP Management Interface requires customization

  • To implement vendor-specific CFP Registers and DDM features

PSoC solves these problems

  • PSoC integrates the FPGA, EEPROM and microcontroller into a one-chip solution
  • PSoC one-chip solution fits easily into CFP, CFP2 and CFP4 optical module enclosures
  • PSoC Component Configuration Tools create customized CFP Management Interfaces in minutes

PSoC creates a one-chip, compact, customized CFP Management Interface solution


  1. Watch the CFP Management Interface Demo Video
  2. Download Install the PSoC Integrated Design Environment
  3. Download the CFP Management Interface App Note
  4. Purchase the PSoC 5LP Kit or the PSoC 3 Kit


PSoC 3
CFP 管理接口


PSoC 3
PSoC 开发套件


  • PSoC Creator

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  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer 是革新的集成设计环境 (IDE),您可以用来自定义 PSoC 以满足您特定的应用需求。PSoC Designer 软件可加快系统的建立和上市进程。