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Espresso Machine | Cypress Semiconductor


PSoC programmable analog & digital resources integrate everything shown in light blue below.Click on the colored blocks to view or sample the recommended PSoC Components.

Design Considerations

The user interface designs in consumer electronics have gone through a revolutionary leap in the past decade, during which Cypress's Programmable System-on-Chip has replaced more than a billion mechanical buttons.Now we are tapping into the appliance revolution where homeowners want sophisticated, elegant and safely operated appliances.

There are various challenges that you may face while designing for today’s market needs, including overcoming the noisy and wet environment, integrating  system function such as LED, buzzer, temperature, humidity sensing with a low cost solution.

PSoC can help you to solve these problems:

  • CapSense works under water droplets and detects touch through curved or thick overlays
  • SmartSense Auto-tuning = No manual tuning + Better EMI immunity
  • Cypress provides Class B self-test libraries for safe operation
  • The PSoC one-chip solution integrates CapSense, LED and LCD drivers and liquid level sensing
  1. Customer Starter Kit (AEK-CY8C20xx7):
    Provides a development platform for CY8C20xx7/S





  • PSoC Creator

    PSoC Creator 是最先进的软件开发 IDE,带有创新性的图形设计编辑器,构成独特而强大的硬件/软件协同设计环境。

  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer 是革新的集成设计环境 (IDE),您可以用来自定义 PSoC 以满足您特定的应用需求。PSoC Designer 软件可加快系统的建立和上市进程。