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RF Remote Control | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress provides a portfolio of low cost, low power & high performance solutions for RF remote controllers.The solutions also provide simultaneous support for legacy IR operations.The following block diagrams illustrate a typical remote control device based on WirelessUSB-NL, Cypress’ 3rd generation 2.4 GHz radio.Please click on the MCU block to view or sample recommended MCUs.

Figure 1:Remote Control

Figure 2:Dongle/Module

Design Considerations

The advent of smart TVs is driving the demand of new features on remote controls such as non-line-of-sight (NLOS) operations, greater range, faster button response, bi-directional data support, operation at high angle (>45%), etc. Currently, the predominant technology for TV remote controls is Infrared (IR).But low range, low data rate & line of sight constraints make IR unsuitable for meeting these new features.Support of these features necessitates the use of RF in remote control designs.

Cypress’ remote control solutions are based on enCoRe MCU & WirelessUSB RF products.Cypress' WirelessUSB technology offers an unparalleled feature set to enable superior RF performance, interference immunity, range, and maximum battery life.In addition, enCoRe MCUs feature an 8-bit RISC core with flash memory, low power and a variety of internal peripheral functions.

An enCoRe & WirelessUSB solution can support both IR & RF technologies simultaneously.It features low power (can support >100,000 button presses with single coin cell battery), reduced BOM, battery management support & operation at angles up to 60 degrees.The solution is complemented by drivers & firmware that has support for both IR & RF transmission.





Cypress wireless solutions share the unique qualities of ultra-reliable, low-power, and are optimized for wireless HID applications.The product portfolio features a rich assortment of 2.4 GHz radios & 8-bit companion MCUs.

  1. 用于消费类产品的射频/无线
    Cypress's WirelessUSB RF solutions are designed for short-range, multipoint-to-point connectivity and use 2.4 GHz ISM band.Cypress's patented WirelessUSB technology offers unparalleled feature set to enable superior RF performance, interference immunity, and maximum battery life
  2. 射频微控制器
    赛普拉斯可提供一系列非常适合无线应用的低功耗、8 位微控制器。这些器件采用了业界最小、带闪存和各种内部外设功能的 8 位 RISC 内核,且功耗极低。


  • PSoC Creator

    PSoC Creator 是最先进的软件开发 IDE,带有创新性的图形设计编辑器,构成独特而强大的硬件/软件协同设计环境。

  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer 是革新的集成设计环境 (IDE),您可以用来自定义 PSoC 以满足您特定的应用需求。PSoC Designer 软件可加快系统的建立和上市进程。

  • WirelessUSB-NL Radio Driver

    The WUSB-NL radio driver provides users with a consistent interface to the WUSB-NL radio.The driver is designed to interface with both C and assembly written applications.