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Wireless HID | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress provides a portfolio of low cost, low power & high performance solutions for wireless HID devices.The following block diagrams illustrate typical wireless HID devices based on WirelessUSB-NL, our 3rd generation 2.4 GHz radio.Please click on the MCU block to view or sample recommended MCUs.

Figure 1:Keyboard


Figure 2:Presenter


Figure 3:Mouse


Figure 4:Dongle


Cypress also supports WUSB-LP radio & PRoC-LP SoC based wireless HID solutions.These solutions have in-built power management unit & DSSS based exceptional interference immunity.

Design Considerations

Human interface devices (HID) are products that are used for human-PC interactions like mice, keyboards & presenters.HID devices are increasingly converting from wired to wireless.Wireless HID products offer extensive mobility & range without the hassle of connection wires (USB, PS/2, etc). They also free up USB ports as multiple wireless devices can connect to single dongle; thus using only 1 USB port in contrast to 1 each for every wired device.

Even with all the additional benefits, wireless HID products have to be cost competitive with wired ones.This makes the cost of solution a very important factor.Also, features like multi-year battery life, low battery indication & superior inference immunity are becoming standard features on the products; and these must be supported without increasing solution cost.

To serve the current & future needs of the market, Cypress has a strong portfolio of HID solutions.The portfolio consists of HID optimized MCU & radio products.The solutions offer a battery life of up to 3 years and reduction in BOM cost by supporting bare die on PCB (chip-on-board).The solution is complemented by the mature & field proven AgileHID® protocol that ensures best in class interference immunity.





Cypress wireless solutions share the unique qualities of ultra-reliable, low-power, and are optimized for wireless HID applications.The product portfolio features a rich assortment of 2.4 GHz radios & 8-bit companion MCUs.

  1. 用于消费类产品的射频/无线
    Cypress's WirelessUSB RF solutions are designed for short-range, multipoint-to-point connectivity and use 2.4 GHz ISM band.Cypress's patented WirelessUSB technology offers unparalleled feature set to enable superior RF performance, interference immunity, and maximum battery life 
  2. 射频微控制器
    赛普拉斯可提供一系列非常适合无线应用的低功耗、8 位微控制器。这些器件采用了业界最小、带闪存和各种内部外设功能的 8 位 RISC 内核,且功耗极低。


  • PSoC Creator

    PSoC Creator 是最先进的软件开发 IDE,带有创新性的图形设计编辑器,构成独特而强大的硬件/软件协同设计环境。

  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer 是革新的集成设计环境 (IDE),您可以用来自定义 PSoC 以满足您特定的应用需求。PSoC Designer 软件可加快系统的建立和上市进程。

  • WirelessUSB-NL Radio Driver

    The WUSB-NL radio driver provides users with a consistent interface to the WUSB-NL radio.The driver is designed to interface with both C and assembly written applications.