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Yes we CAN!- PSoC3/5 dev kits can CAN now | Cypress Semiconductor

Yes we CAN!- PSoC3/5 dev kits can CAN now

And that was not a typo in the title of this blog entry.

The CAN expansion board is available for order entry now.This board will work with CY8CKIT-001 and any other PSoC3 or 5 board that hosts the same expansion connector.Yes we CAN!

CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board Kit

The CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board Kit (EBK) allows you to evaluate and develop projects using the PSOC® 3 and PSOC 5 integrated CAN 2.0A/B peripheral in conjunction with the easy-to-use CAN 2.0A/B component in Cypress's PSOC Creator™ Integrated Development Environment.Provided with the EBK are example CAN projects to help you get started quickly and the expansion board which includes transceiver circuits for 1 CAN and 2 LIN interfaces.

For more information and to order the kit, please visit

Also, the PSoC Insiders have video blogged about implementing CAN interface in a nice video:



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