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En Route to Electronica... | Cypress Semiconductor

En Route to Electronica...

The Electronica show in Munich is starting next Tuesday and I am already on my way to Europe. I spent a day in Montreal talking about ModusToolbox with our friends at Future Electronics. They're excited to get the production software, which is due to hit our web site for download a few days after the show ends.

Montreal is a great place to acclimatize for a European trip because, well, it's cold and raining and they don't speak English. Except everyone actually does - even thought I think they shouldn't. This just allows me to be the lazy Anglophone. Stop being so accommodating Canada - make me work a little! I can handle "bonjour" and "merci" if it helps me get some poutine. Luckily, not all Canadians are nice. Right now I am at the airport, sneaking in a quick pre-flight bière while looking out at the soggy runway. Moments ago the barman walked over and said "I hate the rain, it makes me feel English", then wandered off chuckling to himself! That's not nice. It's funny though. Montreal 1 - Me 0.

So, I now have about six days to learn German and figure out how to assist with Alan Hawse' latest theater production. This one is quite special - it involves water and electronics. And Bluetooth. And Wi-Fi. And CapSense. And Alan. What could possibly go wrong?