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It's the "Use Case", dummy (Or, it ain't just what ya got, it's how ya use it) | Cypress Semiconductor

It's the "Use Case", dummy (Or, it ain't just what ya got, it's how ya use it)

After a (too) long break, I am back at my blog-post.This one comes from the floor of the world's largest mobile (devices, software, infrastructure, tools) conference, the "World Mobile Congress" in Barcelona.First, in case you think this is a boondoggle, we had snow flakes when we arrived, rain yesterday and 4 days of 10-hour booth duty.But yes, it is Barcelona, Spain.

There have been some big announcements, including Microsoft Phone Series 7, an all-new smartphone OS (at least that is how it looks), not just "shiny" but looks to improve the mobile experience - THE use case.Surrounded by all this gadgetry it is easy to get jaded and wonder "why or how would I use that".But that's exactly the point, the technology is to serve the user, while the reality is often the opposite.But sometimes you just need a guide to help you understand the benefit and application.Which is why we (Cypress, TrueTouch and Westbridge at least) have a booth at this show, demonstrating our 10-finger all points multi-touch solutions and our new Hover and 1mm Stylus support.

Take 10-finger tracking for instance - Why on Earth do you need to track ten fingers on a 3.2" screen?What possible use is that?(Why do you need a car that goes 100 MPH when the speed limit is 75?).The key to "using" 10-finger position tracking is to make the few fingers you really want to track robust.So while tracking one finger, if the user is gripping the phone tightly, the other points caused by the grip can be detected and ignored by the application.And of course there are other uses for more than 1 finger, such as gestures and (what else) games that haven't yet been written (games are great for pushing the envelope on technology, like the military did in days gone by).

A shiny technology looking for a use case is fine, as long as it doesn't go looking too far for too long.The spec wars will continue to ensue no matter what, but when you are in the middle of them, it is key to reach out and embrace the use cases and make them essential to the users (or patiently wait for the users to tell you the cases they want to apply the technology).In reality, customers/users will find new ways to use your technology, but you can help point them in the right direction.And if they think they thought of it, even better.And if I see any other cool things in Barcelona, I'll let you know.