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Electronica is over - so long and thanks for the pork knuckle

By yfs. I finally arrived home after a long trip to Europe. We had a great time in Munich but I will not be eating pork knuckle or weisswurst for a while to give my blood pressure get a chance to settle down. Well, not until Embedded World in Nuremburg. Probably.

Electronica Starts Today!

By yfs. I arrived in Germany for "set up day" yesterday and what a day it was. W.C. Fields once advised actors to "never work with children or animals". I would borrow that and say to engineers "never work with electronics and water"!

En Route to Electronica...

By yfs. The Electronica show in Munich is starting next Tuesday and I am already on my way to Europe. I spent a day in Montreal talking about ModusToolbox with our friends at Future Electronics. They're excited to get the production software, which is due to hit our web site for download a few days after the show ends.