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More PDL Examples - Port Interrupts

By yfs.In my last post I covered input pins and compared the component and firmware-only approaches.Now I shall do the same with interrupts.If you remember, I have a very simple design with just a couple of pins - SW2 (input) and LED9 (output). 

More PDL Examples - Input Pins

By yfs.Today I shall give you some pointers for using GPIO as inputs.As with outputs you can configure them with the schematic file or by writing firmware.Here is an instance of the GPIO_PDL component in a schematic.

More PDL Examples - Wiggling Pins

By yfs.Let's see how many ways we can wiggle a pin!OK, there are too many, so let's limit the discussion to firmware-driven pins and just mess about with some more PDL functions instead!I'll point out a few tips and tricks along the way.

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