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Theremin with Cypress' PSoC Analog Coprocessor!

By Michiyuki Yoneda.Cypress's PSoC Analog Coprocessor MCU has been used to create a Theremin instrument! This project was developed by Tom Minnich, who is an excellent maker in the community.

Cypress Maker Lab - The burns have healed

By yfs.This weekend I took the plunge and soldered some headers onto the motor board and the PSoC prototyping kit.I ended up choosing the CY8CKIT-059 for no other reason than I already had one (and had forgotten to order some more).

Cypress Maker Lab - Oh dear, the parts arrived

By yfs.Barc, the robot dog, arrived the other day.Well Barc in pieces really.I got the car kit and the motor board and some assorted bits I do not yet know if I need.