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Chipset Partners

Cypress works with chipset partners to qualify Cypress memories with partner SoCs. Chipset partners get early access to Cypress products and dedicated support to qualify Cypress memories on their boards. These efforts result in a pairing chart that provides a mapping of cypress memory products with the chipset partner product portfolio. The table below contains download links for the pairing charts. Customers can select a memory from these pairing charts to shorten their design cycles.

How to use these Chipset Pairing Guide with Cypress?

Cypress Chipset Pairing Chart

  • Provides the mapping of Cypress Memory Products with our Chipset Partner’ portfolio
  • Indicates for each SoC, the supported Memory Interfaces
  • Highlight both recommended memories and Qualified memories

Cypress IC Qualification with a SoC has been done by our SoC partner either on the Reference Design, the Evaluation Board, the Bring-Up Board, the Demonstration Board, the Validation Board or the Turnkey Reference Design

Indicates (when applicable) which S/W version supports Cypress product Qualification

Guidelines for use of Cypress Chipset Pairing Chart

  • Use it to select the best Cypress solution for the specific chipset you plan to use
  • Use it to fine-tune selection of Cypress solutions (compliant memory interface, voltage, memory density etc.)
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