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CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit

2017 年 8 月 31 日

The PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit is an easy-to-use and inexpensive development platform enabling you to create unique designs with the flexibility of PSoC®4.Featuring the PSoC 4200 device family, this kit gives you the power of an ARM Cortex-M0 combined with the fully customizable analog and digital fabric of the PSoC in the palm of your hands.

100 PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Projects in 100 days


Infinitely Expandable

The PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit includes connectors for Arduino™ compatible shields and Digilent® Pmod™ daughter cards, enabling you to pick from a variety of 3rd party expansion boards.The board also features a CapSense® slider, an RGB LED, a user button, and more!


Designed for Low Power

The PSoC 4 architecture supports an extremely low-leakage hibernate mode consuming only 150nA.It features a best-in-class 20nA stop mode, eliminating the need for external power circuitry for sleep and wake-up control.While in active mode, it provides fully functional analog capabilities from 1.71 – 5.5V.


Debug like a Pro

An onboard PSoC 5LP device serves as the programmer and debugger, eliminating the need for external programmers.Interface through the USB connector to talk to your PC over SWD, USB-UART, or USB-I2C.With PSoC Creator™ you can design your system, write firmware, and step-through code using the built-in debugger.



kit Contents:

  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Board
  • 快速入门指南
  • USB A to mini-B Cable
  • Jumper Wires (x6)

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Press Release

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Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Creator for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming
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