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Clock Distribution | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress has a broad portfolio of standard and high performance clock buffers supporting frequencies up to 1.5 GHz and Additive phase jitter of < 0.05 ps.Cypress provides industry’s broadest buffer portfolio which can be classified as -


  • 高性能缓冲器(Buffer)

Standard Performance Buffers

  • 非零延迟时钟缓冲器(Buffer)                                                                 
  • 零延迟缓冲器(Buffer)
  • RoboClock™ 偏移管理缓冲器(Buffer)


  • Broad Portfolio – Best suitable distribution solution for your systems
  • Best performance Zero Delay Buffers (ZDB) – More timing margin, better reliability for your systems
  • Failsafe and skew management functions – Easier and more reliable clock tree management


  • Anywhere you need to distribute clock signals



高性能缓冲器 (HPB) 属于超低抖动非 PLL 时钟扇出缓冲器系列,可提供高达 10 路的高频(最大 1.5 GHz)差分输出(LVPECL、LVDS 或 CML)。
Cypress Non Zero Delay Buffers or Fanout buffers copies the input clock to multiple outputs.Non Zero Delay Buffers are ideal for low power requirements with space saving packages with low skew and...