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赛普拉斯从 1994 年起开始推出定时产品,迄今为止所生产的时钟设备已超过 20 亿台。赛普拉斯提供广泛的设备系列,包括单 PLL 和多 PLL 可编程时钟合成、可编程晶体振荡器、VCXO、减少电磁干扰 (EMI) 时钟和可编程偏移和零/非零延迟缓冲器。


CY27410 is a 4-PLL high-performance clock generator which can generate up to 12 outputs.It has eight outputs which can be configured as differential or single-ended, and four dedicated single-ended...
FailSafe™ devices provide an optimum solution for applications where continuous operation is required in the event of a primary clock failure.The continuous operation is achieved using a DCXO that...