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Our New Cypress Brand: What Does it Mean to be Embedded in Tomorrow? | 赛普拉斯半导体

Our New Cypress Brand: What Does it Mean to be Embedded in Tomorrow?

Hassane El-Khoury is a Consulting Advisor to Cypress and Infineon.

A company’s brand is the face it shares with the world and the promise it makes to its customers, stockholders, and employees.

Those of you who follow Cypress have probably seen our new logo and our Embedded in Tomorrow tagline, as shown below. It’s our first major logo change in 35 years. Our rebranding is an outgrowth of our Cypress 3.0 vision and strategy, targeting markets growing faster than the broader semiconductor business and providing our customers with system-level solutions, combinations of our microcontrollers, wireless and wired connectivity solutions, analog and memory products. 

Cypres Logo

In March, at the Embedded World tradeshow—the world’s largest gathering of electronics engineers—we introduced our new brand campaign: “We Live for Problems.”It captures the problem-solving spirit at the heart of Cypress. Here’s a quick look at how we took over this year’s show.

Even if you didn’t attend Embedded World, where our messaging covered billboards and walkways between the train station and our booth (photo below), you may have encountered our brand in our online ads, on our website or even on the giant Thomson Reuters electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square (also below).

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Cypress at Embedded World (top) and on the Thomson Reuters billboard in New York’s Times Square (bottom).

You can imagine the feedback I received when we first deployed this marketing campaign internally. We are all “guided” at school, and in trainings and seminars, never to reference problems in our marketing communications, to avoid using red in titles and other forms of that advice. I decided to break some of these rules in the interest of a campaign that best reflects who we are as a company. After all, that’s where a good brand starts.

Cypress is an engineering company at heart. We live to help our customers create the world’s most innovative automotive, industrial, and consumer end products.

Customers call us when they have a problem, not when everything is going well. We come to work to solve these problems with a focus on innovation. At the same time, we are constantly pushing ourselves to come up with new ideas to solve problems we care about, and we will deploy them as solutions to accelerate our customers’ development cycles.

So if this is what we do, every day, then it doesn’t matter what they taught you about not discussing problems. I reviewed this campaign, put it out there, told our employees to be proud of it, and let them know that it’s OK to write in red if they want to. And that’s just what they did, as they describe in this short video.

Along with our “We Live for Problems” campaign, we used the Embedded World event as a platform to announce our new PSoC® 6 MCU product, which is based on our new flexible 40-nm MCU platform. Some of the problems we solve with this product are:

  • How to reduce power consumption or improve security.
  • How to create an architecture that’s flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing industry protocols and standards.
  • How to create software that’s easy to use yet powerful enough to get the parts of a solution to work together seamlessly.

One problem—one solution at a time, I tell our employees—that’s the way we will become embedded in our customers’ hearts and minds as their problem-solver of choice.

Only when we’ve done that will we have delivered fully on our brand promise.

Embedded in Tomorrow is not our slogan of the moment. It speaks to the way we are running our company. It will guide our portfolio decisions in terms of the products we make. It is the principle that integrates our various business strategies.

There are characteristics that describe our brand. Fearless, to reflect our attitude toward serving our customers. Forward-thinking, in the ways we anticipate their needs. Unfailing, in that our products must work every time. Fast, in terms of our product delivery, response time, and time-to-market.   

But at the heart of all this is our brand promise to our customers, stockholders, and employees worldwide: Cypress will enable solutions that sense, connect, learn, and respond to make life easier. Cypress will help you save time and energy, and provide you with a better user experience at home, at work, or while you’re on the road, and anything else in between.

We’re excited about our new brand identity and the way it reflects our Cypress 3.0 transformation, the elements of which you’ll find in this video.

It’s a little different than the communications you’ve come to expect from us. It’s worth the minute it takes to watch it.  Enjoy!