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Internet of Things (IoT) | 赛普拉斯半导体

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Introducing AnyCloud: Flexible Cloud-Connected Solution

Our AnyCloud solution was built for customers with their own cloud back end, whether hosted on AWS, Google, Azure, AliCloud or any other cloud infrastructure, allowing them to bring high-quality, differentiated products to market faster and cheaper.

The AnyCloud solution is flexible and does not tie you to a specific cloud management

2020 年 5 月 18 日
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Q1 2020 Software Release for Linux and Android

Infineon integrates its robust and reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE connectivity solutions into the Linux and Android open source ecosystems to help you predictably and quickly deliver secure, robust products. Our Linux and Android solutions are compatible with industry standard drivers and protocol stacks.

In 2020, we’ve reinvigorated

2020 年 5 月 15 日
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A Smart Watch That’s Wyze

Wyze Band Fitness Tracker Shines with PSoC®6 BLE SoC Delivering Secure Connections, Long Battery Life, and a Responsive Touch Interface

Earlier this year, Wyze introduced the Wyze Band generating a symphony of positive reviews from the news media.

2020 年 5 月 12 日
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What IoT Can Learn From The Payment Card Industry

This is part one of a two part series.

The IoT industry is evolving past the proliferation-at-all-costs phase and into a phase focused on profitability. Engineering teams are responding by critically examining every added piece of hardware that isn’t viewed as critical to the intended purpose of the smart device. Interestingly,

2020 年 4 月 27 日
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Cirrent’s software help you deliver easy-to-use, reliable IoT products

Customers expect their smart home products to be easy-to-use and reliable, but many products have problems once they are in customers’ homes. When a customer has to deal with a problematic product, they will

2020 年 3 月 12 日
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Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combo Solutions Find Niche in IoT Wearables

Jeff Baer, senior director of product marketing for the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth combo business unit at Cypress, discusses the company’s industry-leading Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo technology and how it will play a pivotal role in transforming the IoT
2020 年 3 月 06 日
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Choosing the Right Memory for Your Wearables Design

“Wearable” electronics and portable medical devices are among the fastest-growing IoT categories on the market, with smart watches, fitness trackers, glucose meters, and blood pressure monitors helping to keep consumers fit and healthy. These devices pack a powerful combination of compute, sense, store, and connect technologies that collect

2020 年 3 月 06 日
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Managing Security in Wearables

IoT devices, such as portable health monitoring products and wearables, because they are connected to the Internet, are inherently susceptible to security hacks. Malicious attacks from a third-party can wreak havoc on unsuspecting individuals in a variety of ways, from using a device in a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack to invading

2020 年 3 月 06 日
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"My Home's Smarter Than Yours:" Touch-See-Talk Solutions Pave Way for Smarter Homes

Throughout history, some people have battled within their social circles to own
2020 年 3 月 06 日