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Reduce Your Time-to-Market with IoT-AdvantEdge | 赛普拉斯半导体

Reduce Your Time-to-Market with IoT-AdvantEdge

The IoT is all around us. We’re surrounded by connected devices that are getting smarter every day and improving our quality of life. Whether it’s the smart watch that helps us keep track of our workouts or the video doorbell that makes us feel safe at home, we rely on these devices to optimize the way we live, work, and travel.

For those of us designing and building the next cutting-edge devices, the challenge is to get products to market quickly. This, already a challenge in normal times, is made even more difficult when working remotely. Here at Infineon, we work hard to be your trusted partner in everything IoT, helping to make your design and production process as fast and easy as possible. Missing your deadlines isn’t an option, which is why we focus on reducing your time-to-market and giving your product that competitive edge.

So, how do we reduce time-to-market?

We tackle the major challenges that come up in a device’s development process: writing software, meeting regulatory requirements, and alpha and beta testing. In this blog post, we’ll explain in greater detail how we can help you save time and get your products to market faster.

Software development doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process if you have the right tools and solutions available. We’ve integrated our Wi-Fi® and MCU solutions to work together and do the heavy lifting for you, so you can design your connected, low-power devices with ease. If you’re using a popular cloud service, we provide the middleware and enable you to design your products without requiring any custom code. ModusToolbox® is a modern software development platform that gives you access to a sophisticated software library that adds speed and quality to your development process.

Regulatory requirements are essential for your products to be legally sold around the world, and, whether it’s the FCC or the CE, our software tools and documentation will support you through the testing process. We’ve helped thousands of customers bring their products to market successfully, and we’ve seen every problem in the book. With our regulatory resources and tools for MCUs, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® products, you’ll cut down on time and energy – making sure everything is right the first time.

Alpha and beta testing is challenging enough without Covid-19 restrictions. Addressing connectivity, reliability, and security issues is essential before any launch, so we've developed tools that simplify the feedback process and allow you to focus on your solutions. Our IoT Network Intelligence (INI) solution enables remote telemetry, so you can anticipate and fix issues before they affect your customers. You'll always know when and where issues arise, enabling you to solve any problems faster than before. Our Mobile App Intelligence (MAI) solution provides the same visibility for your Wi-Fi onboarding. Perfect for A/B testing, INI also allows you to remotely manage and update any existing products in the field. Using INI and MAI for alpha and beta testing can scrape weeks to months off your time-to-market.


Any of the challenges above can easily hold up production, preventing your company from meeting crucial deadlines. We have the resources, tools, and support to streamline software development, guide you through complicated regulation requirements, and simplify your A/B testing. Overall, our range of solutions can help you bring your IoT products to market faster, with lower cost and lower risk.

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