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Cypress' Maker of the Month: The Sonoma State University Diaper Team | 赛普拉斯半导体

Cypress' Maker of the Month: The Sonoma State University Diaper Team

The Maker of the Month series recognizes unique projects created by the maker community. At Cypress, we are committed to helping our customers (international OEMs and makers alike) bring their innovations to life with our easy-to-use software tools and programmable solutions. For more information about Cypress’s maker community involvement, check out our blog post on our presence at the recent Maker Faire Bay Area and our efforts to empower up-and-coming engineers via the Cypress University Alliance (CUA).

Read the Q&A with Cypress’s Makers of the Month, Aaron Marquez, Hanan Pisheh and Feng Wang. These three Sonoma State University students won first place at the Sensors Expo 2016 Design Challenge for their Smart Diaper project.


Diaper students


Please provide some background about yourselves and how you guys formed a team for the Sensors Expo 2016 Design Challenge.


We are Sonoma State University students studying engineering. Hanan Pisheh and Feng Wang are Master’s students studying computer engineering science and Aaron Marquez is a senior undergraduate student studying electrical engineering. We heard about the Sensors Design Challenge and decided to do it together.

Tell us about “Smart Diaper” and what Cypress IoT technology is being used in the projects.

We used Cypress’s CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A development kit for our Smart Diaper project. The Smart Diaper is a reusable wearable device that has temperature and humidity sensors that monitor a baby’s diaper for changes. When the temperature or humidity changes past a certain level, an alert goes off and a text is sent to the parent’s phone letting them know that the diaper needs changing. Using the app on the phone, the parent can also see what the temperature and humidity is in real time. We used onboard Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate between the board and the phone.

Diaper proto


How did you guys come up with the idea for “Smart Diaper”?


We were brainstorming ideas for the Design Challenge and were thinking about baby monitoring. Feng came up with the idea to have a monitoring system for baby diapers.

How did Cypress’s IoT technology help execute your projects, and what are the benefits you’ve seen with using these technologies (i.e., easy to use, rich feature set, etc.)?

The onboard Bluetooth was a big help in making our idea a reality because it was necessary for the communication between the diaper and smart phone. The example code and help from the Cypress engineers were also very helpful.

Are you planning to mass-produce the “Smart Diaper”? Have you spoken with any companies about producing your projects? 

We have not thought about taking our project further or mass-producing it. We haven’t spoken with any companies or manufacturers, but are open to the idea of continuing the project.

baby Diaper App 2

Are any of you working on any other projects that use Cypress’s technology?

We have not thought of any project ideas, but we hope to use Cypress technology again soon!

What are your plans for when you graduate?

We are all going to start looking for full-time jobs or internships once we graduate.

For questions or more information, you can reach out to the students via email: Aaron Marquez,  Hanan Pisheh, Feng Wang

Or connect with them via LinkedIn: Aaron Marquez, Hanan Pisheh, Feng Wang

Thanks again to Aaron, Hanan and Feng for participating in our Maker of the Month program. If you would like to be considered for our next Maker of the Month profile, please email us and share a brief description of what project(s) you have made using Cypress’s technology.