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Cypress Takes Over @ Maker Faire Shenzhen | 赛普拉斯半导体

Cypress Takes Over @ Maker Faire Shenzhen

If there is one thing we've learned from the Maker community, it’s that Makers are creating and innovating across the entire globe. After our fun adventures at Maker Faire Seattle, we eagerly packed up our PSoC© projects and one-of-a-kind maker demos to head to one of China’s major tech hubs for Maker Faire Shenzhen.

Makers gathered at our booth to see live demos of our PSoC technology and learn how PSoC Makers from all over the world are using our solutions to design all sorts of creative, innovative and game-changing microcontroller-based devices. From a heart rate monitor to a smart lock, we showcased how PSoC is solving design problems for the next generation of devices. 


Our PSoC 4-powered heart rate monitor showcased how PSoC technology provides a highly-integrated and flexible MCU with an Analog Front End (AFE), ideal for developing customized wearable and portable healthcare applications. To design your own heart rate monitor with PSoC, check out this overview. The smart lock showcased how PSoC provides a full toolkit to implement system controls, a touch buttons user interface, wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and fingerprint sensing – all the key features you need to design any secure, smart device.


Another popular demo at our booth was our recently announced Arrow + PSoC 6 Chip Titanium Board. This board features a technology ecosystem that enables developers to create products using Wi-Fi, BLE, cellular and LPWAN technologies, while also taking advantage of Cypress’ low-power edge computing capabilities. Titanium provides developers with advanced sensing capabilities with Bosch Sensortec's integrated environmental sensor, making it easy to build smart devices that can measure gas, humidity, temperature, and pressure.

We were also excited to once again display the popular ETCH-A-SKETCH, Oscilloscope demos from Maker Faire Seattle. As you may remember, Juan Esteban Paz, the creator of the ETCH-A-SKETCH, used our PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit to enable makers to program automatic doodles on the device. 


We also demoed how our CY8CKIT-059 can be used to program an Oscilloscope. You can find a full tutorial on the project here


Thank you to all the Makers who stopped by our booth at Maker Faire Shenzhen. As always, our team had a blast showcasing the problems PSoC solves and learning about the innovative projects Makers from all over the world are developing. If you missed us at this show, be sure to check out our events calendar to see where we’ll be next. See you soon, Problem Solvers!