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项目编号 005:Health Thermometer | 赛普拉斯半导体

项目编号 005:Health Thermometer

In today's project, we demonstrate how to use the BLE Pioneer Kit to create a low-power, Bluetooth Low Energy Health Thermometer application.

The project uses the BLE Component to implement a Standard BLE Heath Thermometer Profile.

The kit measures the ambient temperature using a thermistor, that is connected to the chip via the Analog Mux Sequencer and the SAR ADC Components. The Thermistor Calculator Component then helps to translate measured thermistor voltages into meaningful temperature values.

The project also implements low-power operation, by setting the system to Deep-Sleep or Hibernate (60 nA current) modes when appropriate.

To do this project yourself, you will require a 10k-ohm thermistor and a 10k-ohm resistor to be plugged into the Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit. The measured temperatures can be verfied by using the CySmart mobile app on any Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled Android or iOS device.


This PSoC Creator project and a PDF with detailed instructions can be downloaded from GitHub here:


   thermometer screen Image