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项目编号 017:Bluetooth Low Energy Privacy | 赛普拉斯半导体

项目编号 017:Bluetooth Low Energy Privacy

In projects #014, #015 and #016, we learned a few Bluetooth Low Energy security concepts, including Whitelists, Bonding and Authentication.

In today's project, we explore another Bluetooth Low Energy security concept called Privacy. The Bluetooth Low Energy Privacy feature provides higher level of security to a connection. Once two devices have exchanged and stored (Bonded) Keys as part of their Pairing process, they can use a Private Address instead of a Public Address to further secure the connection. A peer device that has the encryption Keys can resolve this Private Address and establish the identity of the device. The two devices need not exchange encryption Keys again, since this information is already present once the devices are Bonded.

This example consists of two projects - one for the BLE Pioneer Kit which acts as the GAP Peripheral, and another project for the CySmart USB Dongle (included in the Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit), which acts as the GAP Central. A UART debug interface is provided to send commands via terminal, for both the GAP Central and GAP Peripheral.

You can download this PSoC Creator project along with a detailed PDF of instructions, here from GitHub:


   BLE Privacy Demo Image






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In this project, is it possible for the peripheral to bond with up to 4 centrals? If yes, and after a bonding accured between the peripheral and the first central, how does the second central bonds to the peripheral (the peripheral uses the private adress)? 

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