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Fun with the TFT - FreeRTOS Debugging

If you have been following along with my TFT blogs you may have tried to use the debugger to figure out what was causing the crescent shapes bug. But, because I added FreeRTOS to the project, you’d have seen these warnings when

2020 年 2 月 14 日
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Fun with the TFT – Fixing Mark’s buggy code

Did you find my bug? Make these changes to your program and it’s really obvious. First change the background color to GUI_BLACK in the GUI_Init_Task() function (as I suggested in

2020 年 2 月 04 日
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Fun with the TFT - Adding FreeRTOS

As promised, I am going to add FreeRTOS to the bouncing ball application. Why? So I can explain how to do it and create multiple bouncy ball tasks! Also, I get to leave you guys with a teaser question for next time!

Start by opening the Library Manager and adding both the freertos and abstraction-rtos libraries, as shown. You need the

2020 年 2 月 02 日
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Fun with the TFT - making a random start position

I don’t know about you, but I quickly got bored of always starting the ball in the same place. I’ve added some code to make that position random. The PSoC 6 device has an on-board true random number generator but, I’ll be honest

2020 年 1 月 22 日
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Fun with the TFT

I have never used the TFT to do anything other than draw some shapes and print text. Of course, that’s not too surprising really... since that’s what they are designed to do! But I am going to make some simple animated applications now and that should force me to dig a little deeper into what the screen can do and how emWin works. Should be fun

2020 年 1 月 20 日
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Adding TFT to my project

Last time out I showed you how to create a new application in ModusToolbox IDE 2.0. Today, I am going to add TFT support and draw a few things on the screen. Before I launch into that, I think I should explain how eclipse presents your project, because it is a little

2020 年 1 月 13 日
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ModusToolbox IDE 2.0


In most of my previous blogs I have written about working on the command line and using the project-creator and library-manager utilities. Now I am going to introduce you to the IDE and start a sequence of articles to show off the TFT display integration.

ModusToolbox IDE is just Eclipse with a Cypress twist to make a few things

2020 年 1 月 12 日
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Wi-Fi Support added to PSoC 6 SDK


I am excited to announce the release of our Wi-Fi Host Driver (WHD), along with TCP/IP and TLS libraries in the PSoC 6 SDK. It's a first step toward the creation of a flexible, cloud-agnostic wireless development flow within ModusToolbox. We'll be adding plenty of new features and protocols to round out the offering over the next few

2020 年 1 月 07 日
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Managing GitHub Libraries

In my last blog, Using the retarget-io library to enable printf(), I assuaged some of my guilt over not bothering to explain where the pin and baud rate defines come from in

2020 年 1 月 01 日
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Using the retarget-io library to enable printf()

Last week I slid in a call to cy_retarget_io_init() in my application without explaining it. I felt a bit naughty about that and so promised to explain it to you. Here goes!

The Cypress retarget-io library implements low-level character I/O functions expected by the Arm and GNU C compilers. These functions are called from the

2019 年 12 月 30 日