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Broadcom and Anaren Hack the IoT | 赛普拉斯半导体

Broadcom and Anaren Hack the IoT

You never know where “the next big thing” in the Internet of Things will be born.

This week, a group of creative and innovative coders, developers and hackers will team up to change the world through connected technology. They’ll work in teams for 30 hours, tapping each other’s expertise to transform an original idea into something that’s real, a product that could actually go to market and maybe even change the world.

And all they’ll have to do it is their imaginations, their technical skills and some pretty handy tools, including the Anaren AIR for WICED™ Bluetooth Smart Development Kit, a $30 out-of-the-box module built on Broadcom’s WICED™ Smart system-on-a-chip platform.

The hackathon event is part of the Internet of Things World conference, which is being held May 12-13 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The hackathon is an important part of the overall conference because it brings all of the right people – the entrepreneurs, the technology companies, the industry experts and the developers – together at one show.

“The Hack and the show has a degree of integration to allow each group to benefit from the others’ presence – for hackers to gain from exposure to the industry experts that will be present and for show-goers to be inspired by the innovation and excitement,” IoT World organizer Gavin Whitechurch said.

The IoT industry has become increasingly saturated with wearables, miniature sensors and devices that promise to automate everything from smart socks to smart frying pans. But except for a handful of categories, consumers still haven’t taken the full leap into the IoT category.

That’s why a hackathon like this one is so important, event organizers said. It’s where the seed of the next IoT “killer app” might be planted. It’s where great minds might come together to refine an idea or convert a vision into a prototype. And because companies like Broadcom and Anaren are pre-packaging the engineering for IoT interoperability, these products can be developed quickly.

In the Internet of Things game, interoperability is key, especially in the smart home.  Devices that “play nice” together in a home environment will be part of the discussion at one of the conference panels, called “The Consumer Experience and Adoption of the Smart Home” and moderated by Broadcom’s Brian Bedrosian, senior director of wireless connectivity combos.

In addition, Broadcom and Anaren will on the show floor at booth 362, demonstrating their IoT offerings, including the WICED™ platform of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart embedded connectivity boards and the AIR module. The companies are also co-sponsors of the hackathon.

For the first time, the event includes a satellite hackathon that was held at California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo over the weekend. The best team of that hackathon will be considered in the finals judging at the San Francisco event.

Event Info:

IoT World will be held May 12-13 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

The IoT World Hackathon  begins at 9 am on May 12. Final judging will be held at 5 pm.

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