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Introducing the new PSoC Analog Coprocessor | 赛普拉斯半导体

Introducing the new PSoC Analog Coprocessor

We are pleased to announce a new family of PSoC devices - the PSoC Analog Coprocessor.

Cypress's PSoC Analog Coprocessor simplifies the design of sensor-based systems by delivering a scalable and reconfigurable architecture that integrates programmable Analog Front Ends (AFEs) and a signal processing engine (32-bit Arm Cortex-M0+) that can calibrate and tune the AFE in software. The PSoC Analog Coprocessor enables designs to send aggregated, pre-processed, and formatted sensor data over serial communication interfaces to host processors.

Product Highlights:

  • Features programmable Analog Blocks like Opamps, PGAs, Comparators, ADCs, etc. to create custom Analog Front Ends (AFE) for sensor interfaces
  • Introduces the new programmable Universal Analog Block that can be configured as Analog Filters, high-resolution ADCs, DACs, and more
  • Includes a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Signal Processing Engine with a DMA controller
  • Features embedded peripherals including Timer/Counter/PWM blocks and Serial Communication Blocks (UART/SPI/I2C)


There's also an exciting new development board featuring the new PSoC Analog Coprocessor!

The CY8CKIT-048 PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit is a low-cost ($49) development platform to create multi-sensor designs. It includes five on-board sensors along with PSoC Creator Code Examples for each type of fundamental electrical quantity:

  • Voltage-based PIR Motion Sensor (Zilog ZRE200GE)
  • Current-based Ambient Light Sensor (Vishay TEMD6200FX01)
  • Resistance-based Temperature Sensor (EPCOS/TDK B57164K103J)
  • Inductance-based Proximity/Contact sensor 
  • Capacitance-based Humidity sensor (TE HPP801A031)


Get started with the PSoC Analog Coprocessor today:

1. Download PSoC Creator 3.3 CP3 with support for the new PSoC Analog Coprocessor devices (CY8C4Axx)

2. Buy the $49 PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit

3. Start your first analog coprocessor design using the Getting Started with PSoC Analog Coprocessor App Note




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