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PSoC Creator 4.0 - Quick Links to Resource Pages | 赛普拉斯半导体

PSoC Creator 4.0 - Quick Links to Resource Pages

You might be getting tired of all these "new feature" posts but we really packed a lot into the latest release. This one is really simple but I love it. It is just a change to how the Workspace Explorer presents the resources file (CYDWR). We have just added links to all the tabs in the file so you do not need to open it and then pick the tab for the resource you wish to edit - you just click on the resource and go straight there.

PSoC Creator Quick Links to Resource Editor pages

It is amazing how such a simple change is making the tool so much easier to use. A bunch of internal users have made the same comment to me lately, which inspired me to write this post. What do you think? Are you looking forward to trying this feature out (or do you already love it)? Do you have other ideas that could be as effective?



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