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V-to-I converter and CCO core for the PSoCaMorph VCO | 赛普拉斯半导体

V-to-I converter and CCO core for the PSoCaMorph VCO

Just posted the next architecture installment over at the PSoCaMorph project page at  I reckon that the basic VCO/CCO design could be very useful in a range of PSoC projects.  If all goes according to plan, the discharge reset time shouldn't be a factor in the voltage-frequency relationship.  I'll be interested to see just how fast it will run and how linear it is - it's another way to make a PLL FM demodulator, if it's linear enough.  Remember, check it out and vote for it.  There are some dev kits on offer for people who are serious about participating.  Next piece - the voltage-controlled filter.  I'm trembling with excitement myself, so goodness knows how you are all feeling  (-8b  best / Kendall



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