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5 Ways AI is Changing Our Day-to-day lives | 赛普拉斯半导体

5 Ways AI is Changing Our Day-to-day lives

Say hi to AI, because artificial intelligence is here and is becoming a fixture in our daily lives. From science fiction movies to TV shows and books, the potential of AI is being played up everywhere, and now we are seeing some of those long-awaited advancements finally come to life. While we are not yet living in a galaxy far, far away, AI is being integrated into our daily lives more and more. Check out our five favorite AI trends we’ve seen so far.   



1. Paging Dr. Bot

Healthcare AI

The incorporation of AI in healthcare not only has the potential to save time and money, but ultimately patients’ lives. Healthcare professionals are on a constant time crunch to get to the root of a patient’s health issue and provide top-notch care. A computer’s ability to analyze massive amounts of data faster and more accurately than humans relieves healthcare professionals from menial tasks, allowing them to focus on individual patient care and bigger picture medical questions. AI not only has the power to better diagnose diseases and change the feel of a hospital visit, but can also monitor and predict widespread epidemics. In 2014, a computer algorithm did just that by sifting through social media sites, news reports and government websites to identify an Ebola outbreak in Central and Western Africa nine days before the World Health Organization reported it. These kinds of observations are possible thanks to AI-fueled algorithms.


2. AI-Taught Class is in Session

Einstein Resized

A class completely taught by Professor Bot is not too far off. Similar to healthcare, AI can assist educators with routine tasks like grading assignments, answering common questions from students and even delivering repetitive lectures. While AI can free up more time for educators, the ultimate goal is to increase engagement in the classroom and ensure that all students receive a high-quality education. The gamification of education through AI-powered applications is steadily gaining popularity. The goofy Professor Einstein robot, supported by the Stein-o-Matic app, was launched on Kickstarter and is designed to teach the basics of science to kids through games and fun interactions.

Bonus: Traveling abroad soon? Duolingo’s chatbots can help you learn a new language and will get smarter the more you use them.


3. Homes are Smarter

Fifty-five years ago, The Jetsons TV show captured imaginations by showing what life might look like in a technologically-advanced society, complete with AI-powered robots. Today, some of the cool gadgets featured in The Jetsons are a reality, while other inventions - like flying cars - haven’t come to fruition just yet. From robot assistants to refrigerators that buy groceries, and speakers that can have an actual conversation with you, more and more smart home devices on the market are integrated with AI to help make our lives more comfortable, easier and safer. From established electronics leaders like Samsung – which has stated that by 2020, all their new home appliances will have smart features, including AI and voice recognition capabilities – to startups that are designing innovative AI-fueled IoT devices, we’re excited to see AI continue to advance and change our lives for the better.


4. Updating your closet

Retailers are harnessing AI to help fill your basket, faster. Brick and mortar locations are getting a whole new look and feel via smart dressing rooms, AI-powered personal shoppers and the eradication of checkout stands. With Amazon Go’s in-store technology, customers can step into a store, take what they need and receive a bill once they exit the store. No lines, no hassle! Online, Amazon is harnessing our online behavior through prediction technology which sifts through searches, purchases and social media activity to determine what a customer will buy, the location of their preferred brick and mortar stores and more. The new way of shopping known as “anticipatory shipping” is the process of retailers shipping goods to your door based on your purchase history, wish lists and even how long your cursor hovers over an item.  

While Amazon is leading this movement, data pulled from shoppers’ behaviors – both online and offline – is giving retailers the power to deliver a seamless shopping experience tailored to individual customers, which in turn increases customer retention and saves precious time.


5. AI Hits the Streets

Self-Driving Car

Fully autonomous self-driving cars are in their trial stage – they’re learning to leverage AI to recognize pedestrians, detect traffic lights and more. While fully self-driving cars haven’t hit the streets without the aid of a human driver, companies are making huge strides forward. Lyft recently announced a partnership with, a company that provides AI for self-driving cars, for a pilot program in the Bay Area enabling users to hail a ride in an autonomous car. Audi has announced that its concept electric SUV coupe, Witness Elaine, will be able to park itself, automatically change lanes on highways and even empathize with you in a few years. Fully self-driving and autonomous vehicles will shift the structure of our daily commutes, change the way we interact with our cars and ensure safer travels for both passengers and pedestrians. With these anticipated advancements, cars will transition from being a mode of transportation to a third living space.

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Ultimately, we hope the technologies enabled by AI will seamlessly integrate into our daily routines to help us live safer, more efficient and meaningful lives. With the help of robots and computer algorithms, humans can have more time at work to focus on critical meaningful tasks. They will tackle the bigger-picture items and spend less time on the day-to-day. Outside of the workplace, having an increased amount of time translates into doing more of what brings you joy, whether that’s quality time with loved ones or tinkering with your latest project.

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