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Design Partner Program | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Design Partner Program Qualification Requirements

The Cypress Design Partner Program is a highly selective consortium of third-party design engineering companies with a proven ability to offer design services and solutions using Cypress products for our joint customers. An applicant to the Program must meet the following criteria to be considered for potential membership.

Cypress Field or Product Line Alignment

Membership to the program is by referral or nomination. The partner company must have completed at least one design where they have worked together with a Cypress Product Line, Cypress FAE, sales engineer, sales representative, or Cypress-dedicated distributor FAE. It will help the applicant company if it is referred to the program by a Cypress employee, such as a Sales Engineer or FAE.

Products or Services Alignment

The design partner company will be offering services or solutions for Cypress' products. Members must provide at least one of the following products or services for Cypress' current device families or development flows:

  • Design Services 
  • IP and firmware development
  • PSoC Creator Component Development
  • Board Design 
  • Analog or Mixed-Signal design 
  • Driver or Software Development 
  • USB Design 
  • Wireless Design
  • CapSense and TrueTouch design 

Business Considerations

  • The Design Partner Company must be willing to periodically share their non-confidential design activity and design pipeline information with Cypress. Some exceptions may be granted to this rule. 
  • Be willing to abide by all aspects of the Registered Design Partner Agreement

Compelling Solutions The Design Partner Company's supporting products and/or services should work towards helping Cypress prove a new application, help win a new customer, market segment, or geography. Design Partner Companies will be asked and expected to demonstrate compelling value for the joint solution.

Company Credentials and Contact Information

Cypress prefers partnering with companies that have an established track record of successful business for at least two years, including having done business with users of Cypress' products and solutions. We also require all partners to have a current and regularly maintained website. We also expect design partner companies to alert Cypress about any changes to contact information or profile listed in the Cypress website.

If you agree to these requirements for entry to the Design Partner Program, or for special consideration for the program, you may for more information.


The third party companies and consultants identified in the Cypress Design Partner Program are not part of Cypress, nor are they controlled by Cypress. These design partners are qualified, to the best of our knowledge, to engage in design work with our customers. Their contact information is provided solely as a convenience to our customers. It is the customer's responsibility to research the qualifications of any design partner before engaging in any activity with them. This includes, but is not limited to, checking references, reviewing examples of previous design work, and checking with appropriate business regulatory agencies. Cypress will make no warranty, and will accept no responsibility or liability for any design partners or the work performed by them. Engagement with the design partners on these pages of any kind will be done at the sole risk of the customer. All product and company names mentioned in this document may be the trademarks of their respective holders.