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CASA Ingenieros | Cypress Semiconductor


(Cabezas y Sanchez Ingenieros S.L.). CASA Ingenieros
联系人:Eduardo Cabezas
Address: Diamante, 66
City: Pozuelo de Alarcon
Postal Code: 28224
State: 马德里
电话:+34 913523669

CASA Ingenieros was founded in April 2010 by a group of engineers combininga long experience in all the aspects of electronic design and manufacturing. We offer to our customers support in all the steps of product design and industrialization.

Application experience:

  • Payment systems
  • Access control
  • Railway applications
  • 工业控制

Technology experience:

  • PSOC microcontrollers
  • Power Line Communication (PLC)
  • RTOS and TCP/IP stack integration
  • Analog design
  • Display control
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Image acquisition

Market segments:

  • We are working with customers in many different markets, including:
    • Railway (manufacturing and maintenance)
    • Medical equipment
    • Home and office automation
    • Energy distribution
    • 工业控制
    • Transportation
    • 照明