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Coderus | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: Ross building, Adastral Park

City: Martlesham Health

State: Suffolk


Postal Code: IP53RE




Specializing in mobile and embedded technology software solutions, Coderus has gained an enviable reputation for providing market leading software development services for many businesses, including blue chip companies, since its inception in 1998.

The breadth of experience and expertise at Coderus means we can deliver optimal solutions, managed using world class development and planning tools, to ensure the highest quality and usability, delivered on time and to budget. Our expertise also extends to backend system software for a complete business solution delivered to the same high standard.

Cypress Based Solutions

  • Headphones from a leading brand (CY8C4247FNI-BL493, CY8C4014SXI-420)
  • Woofers from a leading brand (CY8C4248LQI-BL483)

Experienced In following technologies:

  • BT/BLE
  • WiFi
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Lighting Connector (MFI)
  • USB / USB - HID
  • Apple MFI
  • HomeKit

Market Segments

  • 汽车
  • Consumer
  • Communications

Technical Expertise

  • System Level Design
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • Motion Control/Robotics
  • 嵌入式控制