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e-con Systems India Private Limited | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: 7th Floor RR Tower IV, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Postal Code: 600023

e-con Systems is a Product Design Services company focused in Embedded Product Development domain. Over the years, e-con team has developed strong expertise in Video and Imaging based product designs, Windows Embedded and Linux Embedded Operating System based product designs. E-con is also a leading supplier of OEM solutions which include Camera Modules (Autofocus, Custom Lens, MIPI CSI-2 etc), Development Kits for various image sensors on various application processors, Device Drivers for cameras for Windows Embedded, Linux and Android, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 UVC compliant camera modules, USB 3.0 customized USB Camera modules, Computer on Modules along with Rapid Development Kits and Board Support Packages for Linux, Windows Embedded and Android. E-con also does complete product development services, hardware services, software services and manufacturing services for our customers. We have expertise in 32 bit Arm based Application Processors such as TI OMAP, Sitara/DaVinci, Freescale’s i.MX and other application processors. We also work on 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers with USB and RF (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee) connectivity interfaces. E-con has a team of experts and we specialize in turning the customer requirements in paper to complete product realization on-time and within budget. We have quite a lot of products design by e-con which are already in the market and overflowing repeat customers and these differentiate e-con’s professional approach to product development services for our customers!

Experienced In:

  • Audio/Video and Imaging based Product Designs
  • Windows Embedded (Windows CE 6.0, Windows Embedded Compact 7, WEC 2013) - BSP Development, Driver Development and Application Development
  • Embedded Linux - BSP development, Driver Development and application development
  • System Level Design - Hardware/Software architecture, Low Power, Battery Operated product designs and High performance real time embedded product designs.
  • Camera and Imaging Products - Machine Vision, Computer Vision and other Medical Imaging products, Low Vision Aid equipments
  • Hardware development services - PCB Design and Layout, Certification testing, Manufacturing services etc.
  • Software Development services - Driver development, Application development and Software solutions to customer problems
  • Computer-on-Modules and Reference Designs
  • Camera Modules for Embedded and USB (High Speed and Super Speed) camera modules

Market Segments:

  • Data Communication
  • 无线通信
  • 工业
  • Consumer
  • Computational
  • 医疗


  • System Level Design
  • 视频
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • 模拟
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Real-Time OS
  • Board design/layout
  • Agency Certification
  • Machine Vision
  • Compliance Testing
  • 嵌入式控制