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MindTree Consulting Ltd. | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: Global Village, Mysore Road
City: 班加罗尔
State: Karnataka
Postal Code: 560059
电话:080 - 26265950


Mind tree having 900 members of R&D team that has been divided into various business groups like Industrial Automation, Communication, Storage and Consumer Appliances. It has technical expertise in different areas, Such as Board design, ASIC /SOC design verification, SOC Integration, IP development (Bluetooth and UWB), Mixed signal design, embedded system development and testing and storage.

The semiconductor and hardware engineering group takes a system level approach to product development. The company technology expertise, combine with domain knowledge in various industries, has enabled to deliver complete product development capabilities to the customers.

Experienced In:

  • FPGA / CPLD design
  • ASIC/SOC design
  • Analog and Mixed signal
  • Board designs
  • Physical design
  • Embedded systems development and testing
  • Software development
  • Data base management
Storage Market Segments:
  • Data Communications
  • Storage Networks
  • 无线通信
  • 工业
  • Consumer
  • Mixed-Signal Design