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Shanghai Channel Electronic Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: Room 25A1 , No.5 Anshan Road
City: 上海
Postal: 200092

Shanghai Channel Electronic Science and Technology is hi-tech company specialized in offering embedded system solutions. We have some senior experts familiar with Low Voltage Apparatus, Power System Protection & Control, Industrial Automatic Equipment, New Energy Product,  Security and Surveillance System,  Lighting System, Medical Electronics,  Instrument and Meter and Industrial Control System.

Experienced In:

  • Low Voltage Apparatus
  • Power System Protection and Control
  • Industrial Automatic Equipment
  • New Energy Product
  • Security and Surveillance System
  • Lighting System
  • Medical Electronics
  • Instrument and Meter
  • Industrial Control System
  • Communication Product

Market Segment:

  • Data Communication
  • Storage Networks
  • 无线通信
  • 工业
  • Consumer
  • Computational
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • 医疗


  • System Level Design
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • 模拟
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Real-Time OS
  • Board design/layout
  • Agency Certification
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • 仪器仪表
  • Agency Certification
  • Compliance Testing
  • Industrial/Mechanical Design
  • 嵌入式控制