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Voler div. of Strawberry Tree Inc. | Cypress Semiconductor



Address: 949 Cascade Dr.
City: Sunnyvale
State: (加州)
Postal Code: 94087

Expert in all types of measurements, digital circuit design, and analog circuit design, we are experienced with development using Cypress parts and others. Specializing in sensors, circuits, and software, we design new products rapidly that work the first time. We do embedded design combining sensor signal conditioning, mixed signal (analog-to-digital conversion), and digital processing. We are experienced with a wide range of communication interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, serial, and wireless. We do firmware, including FPGA, CPLD, and microprocessor code, as well as Windows and Linux software. We do complete product design, including product management, design, and prototype manufacturing.We have applied these skills to do medical devices, data acquisition systems, motion control systems, test equipment, manufacturing equipment, power control, PC interfaces, and many other fields.

Experienced In:

    • PC peripheral interfaces, such as PCI bus, USB, and Ethernet.
    • FPGAs: Altera and Xilinx using Quartus, ISE, ModelSim, VHDL, and Verilog tools.
    • Embedded design: microprocessors (Intel, Renesas, PIC, etc.).
    • Serial: HDLC, I2C, SPI, JTAG, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, Modbus, etc.
    • Wireless: BlueTooth, Zigbee, CDMA, GPRS, GSM, and GPS.
    • Analog circuit design: low current (picoamps) and high speed (to 100 MHz).
    • Sensors such as temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, force, strain, distance, and machine vision.
    • Sensor signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs and DACs).
    • Embedded software using ECOS or custom operating systems.
    • Real-time embedded systems using VxWorks
    • PC software such as Windows, Linux, XML, MFC, PHP, MySql, SQL, SQL Server.
    • Microsoft C (C, C#, and .NET), Java, and Java Scripts, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW.
    • Networks and web, such as TCP/IP, Apache, ASP, ASP.NET, CORBA, Information Interchange Server (IIS), and Sockets.

Market Segments:

  • Data Communications
  • Storage Networks
  • 无线通信
  • 工业
  • Consumer
  • Computational
  • 汽车
  • 医疗


  • System Development
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • Analog Design
  • Mixed-Signal Design
  • Real-Time OS
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Motion Control / Robotics
  • Programmable Logic Design