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AN42137 - Capsense™ Express Software Tool | 赛普拉斯半导体

AN42137 - Capsense™ Express Software Tool

2020 年 5 月 28 日
This is an Obsolete Application Note
The document AN42137 - Capsense™ Express Software Tool has been marked as obsolete. The obsolete version of this application note is still available with the below description but may not be complete or valid any longer. If you have any questions or require support in regards to the below application note content, please click here and create a technical support case.
This application note explains how to use the PSoC Designer System Level Design to configure the CapSense Express device. How to tune the parameters for required functionalities is also described. This document expects user to a basic level of familiarity with PSoC Designer System Level Design.

The CapSense Express Controller enables the control of a maximum of 10 IOs configurable as either capacitive sensing elements (used as buttons or combined to form a slider), or GPIOs, driving LEDs or interrupt signals, based on various IO conditions. The GPIOs are also configurable with interrupt for waking up the device from sleep. The user can configure buttons, outputs, and parameters, through specific commands sent to the I2C port. The IOs pin mapping flexibility (capacitive elements and GPIO functions) enables easy PCB trace routing and reduces the PCB size and stack up. CapSense Express products are designed for easy integration into complex products.