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AN2141 - PSoC® 1 Glitch Free PWM | 赛普拉斯半导体

AN2141 - PSoC® 1 Glitch Free PWM

2015 年 8 月 19 日

PSoC digital blocks can operate as 8-bit pulse width modulators (PWM). Due to the special design of the PSoC, these modules do not incorporate glitch-free hardware logic but instead logic must be considered in software. This document presents a solution with a first-order predictor adequate to precisely generate any function.

Glitch free PWM

范例项目 所支持的 H/W 和 S/W 所支持的 PSoC1 器件
PSoC  Designer 版本 H/W 套件 CY8C20xxx CY8C21xxx CY8C22xxx CY8C23xxx CY8C24xxx CY8C27xxx CY8C28xxx CY8C29xxx
5.1           x43   x66