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AN2157 - Analog Three-Phase Sine Wave Generator | 赛普拉斯半导体

AN2157 - Analog Three-Phase Sine Wave Generator

2015 年 8 月 18 日

This application note provides and describes an implementation of the symmetric and glitch-free three-phase sine wave generator using three 8-bit PWM User Modules. This generator can be used to drive three-phase inverters and threephase electric drives, such as the popular AC and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives.


As the popularity of three-phase electric drives increases, so does the need for a three-phase sine wave generator. Usually, DSP machines are used in such applications. However, this application note shows that PSoC® 1, with its unique structure, can generate three-phase sine waves, which then can directly drive electric drives and inverters.

This document focuses on the generation of three-phase sine waves with the same characteristics as those generated by the special motor PWM blocks in DSP machines. It provides detailed information on stability issues, glitch-free operation, and symmetric sine function computation requirements and limitations.