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AN57322 - Interfacing SRAM with FX2LP over GPIF | 赛普拉斯半导体

AN57322 - Interfacing SRAM with FX2LP over GPIF

2020 年 7 月 06 日

This application note discusses how to connect Cypress SRAM CY7C1399B to FX2LP over the General Programmable Interface (GPIF). It describes how to create read and write waveforms using the GPIF Designer. This application note is also useful as a reference to connect FX2LP to other SRAMs.


The GPIF is an 8-bit or 16-bit programmable parallel interface that helps to reduce system costs by providing a glueless interface between the EZ-USB FX2LPw and an external peripheral. It is a highly configurable and flexible piece of hardware that allows you to get the most out of your USB 2.0 design. GPIF fits into applications that need an external mastering device to exchange information. The GPIF allows the EZ-USB FX2LP to perform local bus mastering to external peripherals implementing a wide variety of protocols.