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AN73212 - Debugging with PSoC® 1 | Cypress Semiconductor

AN73212 - PSoC® 1 调试

2018 年 3 月 05 日

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AN73212 introduces the elements of the PSoC® 1 debugger system and explains how to configure and use them effectively. 本文档还将介绍几种通用调试技巧,帮助您解决堆栈溢出和内存泄露等常见问题。此外,本文档亦提供了故障排除指南。


The purpose of this application note is to introduce the hardware and software debugger elements available in PSoC1 and to describe several common debugging techniques.

The primary hardware elements of the debugging system are an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) and a debug pod with an on chip debugger (OCD) enabled PSoC1 device. Those elements, and instructions on configuring and using them, are described in the Debugging Hardware section of this application note.

For a quick start with debugging look here

PSoC 1 Getting Started Debugging - Part 1 - The Hardware

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PSoC 1 Getting Started Debugging - Part 2 - The PSoC Designer

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