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AN73617 - PSoC® Designer Boot Process, from Reset to Main | 赛普拉斯半导体

AN73617 - PSoC® Designer Boot Process, from Reset to Main

2018 年 2 月 18 日

AN73617 describes the PSoC® Designer initialization process of PSoC 1, from the release of reset to the start of C code execution in main. The application note includes instructions on how to modify the interrupt vector table to execute custom interrupt service routines.


Because PSoC 1 offers billions of configuration options, the PSoC device must be properly initialized after reset to fulfill its potential. The PSoC Designer boot process performs these necessary initialization tasks before entering main to provide an optimal working environment. This application note explains the device initialization procedure, but this document is not required reading for users of PSoC 1 or the PSoC Designer integrated development environment (IDE). The information is for users seeking a deeper understanding of PSoC and PSoC Designer initialization before main is executed.

PSoC Designer Boot Process

PSoC® 1 Boot Process from Reset to Main

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