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AN75320 - Getting Started with PSoC® 1 | Cypress Semiconductor

AN75320 - PSoC® 1 调试

2018 年 3 月 02 日

AN75320 introduces you to PSoC® 1, an 8-bit processor with programmable digital and analog blocks that enable implementation of custom functions. This application note describes the PSoC 1 architecture and development tools, and shows how to create your first design. This document guides you to more resources to accelerate in-depth learning about PSoC 1.

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   PSoC 1 is a true programmable embedded system-on-chip, integrating custom analog and digital peripheral functions, memory and an M8C microcontroller on a single chip.

Getting Stated with PSoC Image

PSoC 1 入门 - 第 1 部分 - 架构和系统资源

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PSoC 1 入门 - 第 2 部分 - 数字子系统

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PSoC 1 入门 - 第 3 部分 - 模拟架构

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PSoC 1 入门 - 第 4 部分 - 我的第一个 PSoC Designer 项目

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