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CE95394 - USB HID Mouse with PSoC 3/5LP | 赛普拉斯半导体

CE95394 - USB HID Mouse with PSoC 3/5LP

2018 年 3 月 06 日
This code example implements a standard USB HID mouse with a single button. The mouse cursor will move in the shape of a box on the screen. This project demonstrates the use of the USBFS Component to implement a HID mouse. Using the standard HID mouse descriptor the PSoC enumerates as a mouse on the PC. When the enumeration is complete, the PSoC sends data about the relative movement of the mouse to the PC. A single button is also implemented in the project to emulate the left button, or button 1, on a standard mouse. You can hold down the button on the kit and watch the cursor highlight text or select items on a desktop while it draws the box.