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Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter (ADC_DelSig) | 赛普拉斯半导体

Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter (ADC_DelSig)

2020 年 6 月 09 日


  • Selectable resolutions, 8 to 20 bits
  • 每个分辨率有 11 个输入范围
  • 采样率从 8 sps 到 384 ksps
  • 操作模式:
    • 单次采样
    • 多次采样
    • 连续模式
    • 多次采样 (Turbo)
  • 高输入阻抗输入缓存器
    • Selectable input buffer gain (1, 2, 4, 8) or input buffer bypass
  • 多个内部或外部参考选项
  • 自动功率配置
  • 最多四个运行时间 ADC 配置

ADC Del Sig Diagram


The Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter (ADC_DelSig) provides a low-power, low-noise front end for precision measurement applications. You can use it in a wide range of applications, depending on resolution, sample rate, and operating mode. It can produce 16-bit audio; high speed and low resolution for communications processing; and high-precision 20-bit low-speed conversions for sensors such as strain gauges, thermocouples, and other high-precision sensors. 当处理音频信息时,ADC_DelSig 采用连续的操作模式。当用于扫描多个传感器时,ADC_DelSig 采用多个采样模式之一。When used for single-point high-resolution measurements, the ADC_DelSig is used in single-sample mode.