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CY14E256LA: 256-Kbit (32 K × 8) nvSRAM | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY14E256LA: 256-Kbit (32 K × 8) nvSRAM

2020 年 6 月 26 日

256-Kbit (32 K × 8) nvSRAM


  • 25 ns 和 45 ns 访问时间
  • Internally organized as 32 K × 8 (CY14E256LA)
  • Hands-off automatic STORE on power-down with only a small capacitor
  • 可通过软件、器件引脚或断电时自动存储 (AutoStore on Power Down) 触发存储至量子井非易失性元件
  • 可通过软件或加电触发回读至 SRAM
  • 无限的读、写和数据恢复循环
  • 1 百万次存储至量子井的循环
  • 20-year data retention
  • Single 5 V ±10% operation
  • 工业温度
  • 44-pin thin small-outline package (TSOP) Type II and 32-pin small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package
  • 无铅并符合有害物质限制 (RoHS)


The Cypress CY14E256LA is a fast static RAM, with a nonvolatile element in each memory cell. The memory is organized as 32 KB. The embedded nonvolatile elements incorporate QuantumTrap technology, producing the world’s most reliable nonvolatile memory. SRAM 能够实现无限次读写循环,而独立的非易失性数据则存储在高度可靠的量子井单元中。Data transfers from the SRAM to the nonvolatile elements (the STORE operation) takes place automatically at power-down. On power-up, data is restored to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) from the nonvolatile memory. Both the STORE and RECALL operations are also available under software control.

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