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PSoC® 62 CY8C62x8, CY8C62xA Datasheet | 赛普拉斯半导体

PSoC® 62 CY8C62x8, CY8C62xA Datasheet

2021 年 6 月 29 日

The PSoC® 62 line, built on an ultra low-power 40-nm platform, is a combination of dual-core Arm® Cortex™-M based MCUs, with low-power Flash technology, programmable digital and analog resources, and built-in security. It's designed for applications in the Internet of Things, such as wearables, smart home, industrial IoT, portable medical devices, etc.

Power and performance: the dual-core PSoC 62 MCU has been optimized for low-power and performance, with the Cortex-M0+ running as low as 15-μA/MHz and the Cortex-M4 running as low as 22μA/MHz. The Cortex-M0+ runs at 100MHz and the Cortex-M4 at 150MHz.

Flexiblity: the programmable digital and analog resources of the PSoC 62 MCU enables customization of AFEs and digital interfaces, reducing BOM and board space

Security: the PSoC 62 MCU provides built-in security with Crypto, secure boot, support for industrial security standards such as SHA, ECC, and AES

Its features include:

  • Up to 2MB flash, 1MB SRAM
  • Up to 104 GPIOs
  • Industry-leading capacitive sensing with CapSense®
  • Dedicated Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC)
  • Crypto and Secure Boot capability
  • Audio interfaces such as PDM-PCM and I2S
  • Support for FS-USB (host and peripheral)
  • Digital: 32 x Timer/Counter/Pulse-width Modulators (TCPWMs), 13 x Serial Communication Blocks (SCBs)
  • Analog: 2 x Low-power comparators, 12-bit SARADC
  • 封装:124-BGA, 100-WLCSP, 128-TQFP
  Core 闪存 (KB) SRAM (KB) ULP1/LP2/FLEX3 CTBm4 UDBs5 SDHC USB CapSense GPIO CRYPTO PDM-PCM SIMO Buck Secure Boot 工具包
CY8C62x7 PSoC 62 with up to 1MB Flash, 288KB SRAM and 104 GPIOs 150MHz Arm Cortex-M4 100MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ 1024 288 FLEX 1 12 FS 104 124-BGA 80-WLCSP
CY8C62xA PSoC 62 with up to 2MB Flash, 1MB SRAM and 104 GPIOs 150MHz Arm Cortex-M4 100MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ 2048 1024 FLEX 0 0 FS 104 128-TQFP 124-BGA 100-WLCSP

1 Ultra-low-power mode 2 Low-power mode 3 Flexibility to switch between ULP and LP modes 4 Continuous Time Block mini 5 Universal Digital Blocks

Click here to download the spreadsheet with the consolidated list of pinouts and pin alternate functions.

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