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CY3205-DK | 赛普拉斯半导体


2018 年 3 月 19 日

This development kit is no longer available except as a part of the University Program. Instead, please use the CY3215-DK for all of your PSoC development tool needs.

CY3205 Kit Image

The Cypress PSoC(R) Development Tools combine a full-featured hardware emulator with the outstanding PSoC Designer(TM) software to provide a powerful development environment at value pricing.  The easy-to-use software will increase your design efficiency and reduce debug and evaluation time.  PSoC Designer Device Editor enables rapid configuration of the PSoC device.  Everything you need to get started with PSoC is included in the development kit:

  • Support for the CY8C27xxx 28-pin PDIP package that includes the CY3207-Pod
  • Support for the CY8C24xxx 28-pin PDIP package with purchase of CY3208-Pod
  • Support for the CY8C22xxx 20-pin PDIP package with purchase of CY3209-Pod
  • Support for the CY8C25/26xxx 28-pin PDIP package with purchase of CY3206-Pod
  • ICE-4000 In-Circuit Emulator
  • CY3207 ICE Pod
  • Foot and Mask
  • YProgrammer PCB with 28-PDIP Socket
  • PSoC Pup Demonstration Board
  • Parallel cable, CAT5 cable
  • 110 ~ 240V power supply, euro-plug adapter
  • 2 CY8C27443-24PI 28-PDIP chip samples
  • PSoC Designer Software with integrated HI-TECH C Lite for the PSoC Mixed-Signal Array (when upgrading to PSoC Designer v5.0)
  • Tutorials/training material documentation

CY3215-DK does not include an iMAGEcraft C Compiler license.  PSoC Designer continues to support the iMAGEcraft M8C C compiler. To get a license, please contact iMAGEcraft directly at

For complete development kit selection information, download the PSoC Development Tools selector guides, CY8C27xxx PSoC Development Tools Selector Guide.

Supports the CY8C27xxx 28-pin PDIP package and includes the CY3207-Pod. Supports the CY8C25/26xxx 28-pin PDIP package with purchase of CY3206-Pod.

ICE-4000 In-Circuit Emulator, CY3207 ICE Pod 28-PDIP, Pod, Foot, and Mask, YProgrammer PCB with 28-PDIP Socket, PSoC Pup Demonstration Board, parallel cable, CAT5 cable, 110 ~ 240V power supply, euro-plug adapter, 2 CY8C27443-24PI 28-PDIP chip samples.