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CY3660 enCoRe V / LV Development Kit | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY3660 enCoRe V / LV Development Kit

2020 年 5 月 13 日

CY3660 enCoRe V/LV Kit


The enCoRe™ V development system, based on the highly refined PSoC®; (Programmable System-on-Chip™) tools, supplies the user with an in-circuit emulator (ICE) that works in conjunction with actual silicon to provide an accurate and efficient development system. The PSoC Designer™ software consists of a graphical user interface, assembler, C compiler, linker and debugger for a highly integrated code development environment. A compliant Full-Speed USB "User Module" along with other peripheral User Modules simplifies the learning curve and speeds development time.

  • 无线软件狗
  • Laser Mice
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • 游戏
  • Point-of-Sale Devices

主要特性: 硬件描述: This development kit includes:

  • Two DVK Boards (enCoRe V and enCoRe V LV development boards)
  • Two LP Radio Modules (2.4 GHz wireless modules using Cypress’s  WirelessUSB LP radio)
  • Two 12V Power Supplies
  • PSoC MiniProg (for programming the onboard On-Chip-Debugger (OCD) chips)
  • CD-ROM
  • USB Type A to Mini-B Cable
  • Wire Pack
  • LCD Module
  • CY3210-MPAdapter
  • PSoC Designer software development tool with complete set of User Modules
  • Four firmware examples with compete source code