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CY3674 EZ-USB FX1 开发套件 | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY3674 EZ-USB FX1 开发套件

2020 年 5 月 13 日

CY3674 Chip

The development kits for the EZ-USB FX1(TM) family provide complete hardware and software solutions for accelerating the firmware and device driver development for all the products in the family. 在整个开发过程中,这些开发套件均使用实际的硅片。赛普拉斯的软件工具和示例固件允许用户生成 USB 流量,生成时间为数小时,而非数周!

Cypress includes an evaluation version of the 8051 Keil Software Tools in the Full Speed USB 2.0 development kit. The evaluation version of the C-Compiler lets the designer write 8051 microcontroller applications in C and still get the efficiency and speed of assembly language. Advanced features from Keil tools include the ability to single step through code. 这使得检测错误、处理源码级别调试及设置断点均变得简单易行。With the ability to debug code one line at a time and to quickly compile and one-step download new code, developers have a more efficient means to complete firmware faster than using emulators. The supplied Keil tools are fully functional, but are limited in object size to 4 kilobytes.

最新! 可提供最新通用可编程接口 (GPIF) 工具。Download GPIF Designer now!

For part details you can access the EZ-USB® Technical Reference Manual (TRM).


  • EZ-USB development board with CY7C64713-128AXC
  • Peripheral board for prototyping
  • USB cable
  • An RS232 9-pin to 9-pin cable