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CY36800 InstaClock: Universal Programmable Clock Generator Programming Kit | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY36800 InstaClock: Universal Programmable Clock Generator Programming Kit

2018 年 1 月 24 日

Clock Generator Progarmming Kit Image (CY36800)

The CY36800 InstaClock Universal Programmable Clock Generator Programming Kit contains the programming board with a USB cable, and 3 samples each of the CY22800 and CY22801 devices. You can order more samples of either CY22800 or CY22801 Online. The latest programming software is available to download from

When using the CY22800 and InstaClock software, users can select from a list of over 100 different predefined configurations of commonly used frequencies in today's designs.  The CY22801 enables users to generate custom clock configurations that are not supported by the CY22800.  The CyberClocks software tool allows users to specify the XIN/CLKIN frequency, crystal load capacitance, and output frequencies for the CY22801.

Both the CY22800 and CY22801 devices are programmed through the same programming board included in this kit.  The selected configuration is then downloaded via USB to the programmer in a matter of moments.  Production quantities are easily supported by Cypress' distribution partners.  Simply provide your local distributor with the JEDEC code generated by the software.

注意: This is a programming kit only. This kit is not designed and intended to be used for device evaluation or testing purposes.

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InstaClock™ CY36800 Kit Contents:

  • 3 Samples of CY22800
  • 3 Samples of CY22801
  • 1 Programmer board with USB connector and socket onboard
  • 1 USB Cable


Software Title Description
InstaClock Software Jedec files pre-configured and Programmer software for CY22800 (Windows XP only)
CyberClocks Software Jedec file Creator and Programmer software for CY22801