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CY3699 Socket Adapter for CY22381F | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY3699 Socket Adapter for CY22381F

2018 年 2 月 19 日


模块框图Socket Adapter Image (CY3672-13)

The CY3699 socket adapter plugs into the CY3672 programmer, and is used to program the CY22381F.

The CY3672 programming kit enables any user with a PC to quickly and easily program Field-programmable Clock Gener­ators. The only set-up requirements are a power connection and USB port (CY3672-USB) connection with the PC.


Using CyClocksRT(TM) (embedded in CyberClocks software) or CyberClocks Online, users can configure their parts to a given specification and generate the corresponding JEDEC file. In addition, CyClocksRT software provides PPM optimization and power calculations.

The JEDEC file is then loaded into CY3672 software that communicates with the programmer. The CY3672 software has the ability to read and view the EPROM table from a programmed device.


The following socket adapters support the associated programming device.

Socket Part# Socket Label Programming Device
CY3695 CY3672ADP000 CY22050F, CY22150F, CY25200F
CY3696 CY3672ADP001 CY2077FS
CY3697 CY3672ADP002 CY2077FZ
CY3698 CY3672ADP003 CY22392F, CY22393F, CY22394F, CY22395F
CY3699 CY3672ADP004 CY22381F
CY3690 CY3672ADP009 CY25100ZCF
CY3691 CY3672ADP008 CY25100SCF
CY3692 CY3672ADP006 CY23FP12
CY3693 CY3672ADP007 CY26049
CY3613 CY3672ADP013 CY25701FJXC
CY3724 CY3672ADP021 CY25701FLXC
CY3617 CY3672ADP016 CY25702FJXC
CY3618 CY3672ADP017 CY25702FXCT