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CY8CKIT-015 PSoC® 1 Power Supervision Kit (Free Download) | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY8CKIT-015 PSoC® 1 Power Supervision Kit (Free Download)

2020 年 11 月 16 日

CY8CKIT-015 requires CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development Kit (sold separately) and CY8CKIT-035 PSoC Power Supervision EBK (sold separately). CY8CKIT-015 is included in CY8CKIT-035.

Solution Features:

  • Accurate and reliable power rail sequencing of both power-on and power-off for four different power converters
  • Voltage and current monitoring of four different power converters
  • Rapid fault detection for high reliability
  • Trimming for closed-loop control of the power converters
  • Margining of power converters for developmental test purposes
  • EEPROM based data logging capabilities
  • I2C/SMbus/PMbus host interface


CY8CKIT-015 provides you with flexibility to customize the solution for your specific application and ability to further integrate disparate functionalities such as fan control, reset-control logic, I2C mux, UART mux and glue logic. CY8CKIT-015 is designed to work with CY8CKIT-001 with PSoC 1 CY28 family processor module (supplied with CY8CKIT-001) and CY8CKIT-035.


PSoC 1 Famiy Processer Chip Image (CY8CKIT-015)





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PSoC 1 Power Supervision Kit

Demonstration Video: PSoC 1 Power Supervision Solution


To know more about PSoC 1, click here .

Kit Contents:


  • 范例项目
  • 应用笔记
  • User’s Guide
  • PSoC Designer™ and pre-requisite software
  • PSoC Programmer and pre-requisite software

Software Title Description Link
PSoC Designer This kit requires PSoC Designer for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming