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CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board Kit | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board Kit

2018 年 1 月 25 日

CAN/LIN Expansion Kit Image (CY8CKIT-017)






  • 1 CAN transceiver circuit
  • 2 LIN transceiver circuits
  • Communication status LED indicators

Kit Contents:

  • CY8CKIT-017 Quick Start Guide
  • CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board

Hardware Requirements:

IMPORTANT: This kit is an expansion kit that requires the user to have prerequisite hardware to use this kit. Therefore, please read over the hardware prerequisites carefully to ensure that all necessary prerequisite hardware is already available.

Hardware Prerequisites
CY8CKIT-001 PSoC 开发套件
CY8CKIT-001B **
One of the following:
  • Second CY8CKIT-001 kit and second CY8CKIT-017 kit
  • Third-party CAN bus analyzer or emulator tool
CY8CKIT-001B **
CY8CKIT-017 *A
Third-party LIN bus analyzer
Male-to-male straight-through DB9 cable

System Requirements and Recommendations:

Hardware/Operating System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Processor Speed 2 GHz 2 GHz Dual Core
Free hard drive space 1 GB 1 GB
Screen resolution 1024x768 1280x1024
CD/DVD drive
USB Full Speed 2.0 Hi-Speed
Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Vista, or Windows 7
Software Prerequisites Minimum Recommended
PSoC® Creator™ 2.1 Build 607 2.1 Build 607 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 7
Adobe Reader (for viewing PDF Documentation) 7 7 or later
Windows Installer 3.1  
.NET Framework 2.0 SP1  
PSoC Programmer 3.15.2 3.15.2 or later
Keil Compiler 8.16
8.16 or later
Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Creator for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming